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Don Draper’s Best Friend: Alcohol?

Last week, Don returned to work with a little help from Roger.  The partners took him back, but imposed restrictions. One of them: no drinking at work.

Last night, Lou gave Peggy a plum of an assignment and assigned Don to support her.  Role reversals are never easy and this one made both Don and Peggy palpably uncomfortable. Continue reading Don Draper’s Best Friend: Alcohol?

Y Tu Joan and Peggy

Well, last night, Don Draper finally returned to work. After getting an offer from a competitor, Don confronts Roger, who agrees to take him back.

However, Roger did not obtain prior approval from the other partners.  When they met, they agreed to Don’s return subject to restrictions, such as no drinking at work (makes sense) and no meeting with clients alone (less so). Continue reading Y Tu Joan and Peggy

Mad Men: Beginning of the End

Last night was, according to @DonDraper_NY, the “beginning of the end.” And, what a beginning it was.

Don remains on paid leave. He visits Megan in California and then returns home to NY.

In his absence from the workplace, much of the focus was on Peggy and Joan. Both worked incredibly hard on client retention and satisfaction but each was marginalized in ways that too many women still are today. Continue reading Mad Men: Beginning of the End