Y Tu Joan and Peggy

Well, last night, Don Draper finally returned to work. After getting an offer from a competitor, Don confronts Roger, who agrees to take him back.

However, Roger did not obtain prior approval from the other partners.  When they met, they agreed to Don’s return subject to restrictions, such as no drinking at work (makes sense) and no meeting with clients alone (less so).

It was not surprising that Don returned to work. And, it was not surprising that he made it happen.

What was surprising–and disappointing–were the reactions of Joan and Peggy.

Joan was nothing less than hostile to Don’s return. Peggy made the point to tell Don how he was not missed.

Yet, it was in Season 1 that only Don helped Peggy break through the glass ceiling at SCP and promoted her to copywriter.

And, in Season 5, it was only Don who tried to implore Joan not to sleep with an executive of a client to get its work.

I am not suggesting  Don’s behavior with women, in the office or outside, is worthy of emulation. I am suggesting that Don has been his better self when it comes to Joan and Peggy.

Joan and Peggy were not their better selves upon Don’s return.  To the contrary, they were brutal.

While Don may be thinking “y tu” Joan and Peggy, I cannot help but to wonder why their reactions were so harsh.

Didn’t they consider how Don had helped them? Or, was that part of the reason for their reaction?

More to be revealed next week. Blog to follow.