Don Draper’s Best Friend: Alcohol?

Last week, Don returned to work with a little help from Roger.  The partners took him back, but imposed restrictions. One of them: no drinking at work.

Last night, Lou gave Peggy a plum of an assignment and assigned Don to support her.  Role reversals are never easy and this one made both Don and Peggy palpably uncomfortable.

Peggy turned to the assignment. Don turned to alcohol.

After pouring alcohol into a soda can, Don fell asleep. He then left work, visibly impaired, to go to a Mets’ game.

Don always has been a heavy drinker.  Has he crossed over the line into alcoholism?  Or, has Don been an alcoholic for quite some time and the only difference is that now he is moving from functional to dysfunctional?

Even if he is an alcoholic, that is no defense to drinking at and/or being impaired at work.  That is true even with the post-#MadMen ADA.

Alcohol is a key character in #MadMen.  It inevitably will play some role in the conclusion of the series; how remains to be seen.