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Your Pets: July 4th and Fireworks

Fireworks on July 4 terrorize animals.

Every year, pets (particularly, but not only, dogs) left outside run away. Some are killed by cars. Others end up in shelters with uncertain fates.

Please keep your pets inside during fireworks. Consider putting them in a room with shades closed, soft music, favorite food, etc.

Note: even if you bring your dog or other pet with you to fireworks and he or she does not run away, he or she likely will be terrorized. Vets are bracing for July 5 emergencies.

The shelters are bracing, too. I am spending my afternoon at the local shelter where I volunteer to help prepare for the inevitable and avoidable July 5 nightmare.

We are not alone. Shelters everywhere are bracing: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-chicago-animal-shelters-overcrowding-20190702-goomlvcqhrhwzkiqs5i6xo4vka-goomlvcqhrhwzkiqs5i6xo4vka-story.html.

Enjoy the holiday but take care of your pets, too.

I look forward to spending July 4 with Scotty, Finny and Larry, my feline companions who do not like fireworks at all.