HR: Rise Above the Politics—Focus on the People #Orlando

Below, is my latest post to the SHRM blog regarding focusing on people during times of tragedy.

We all are well aware of the tragic massacre in Orlando less than a week ago.

In social media, the print media and public discussions, we hear a lot about:

  • Terrorism
  • Gun control
  • Bias against LGBT community
  • Islamophobia
  • What elected officials did or did not do
  • What political figures said and did not say

As a society, we will need, over time, to address these issues, hopefully, in a civil way.

Some politicians, on both sides of the political aisle, are focusing on political issues associated with the massacre, for example:

– This proves why we need more gun control.

– This proves why we must protect the right to bear arms so people can protect themselves.

In HR, we must focus on the people and not the politics.

We must understand the particular pain in the LGBT community but not assume that others do not ache, too. They do.

We must allow dialogue, but cut it off if it becomes incendiary or discriminatory.

We must let our employees know we care by simply listening to them when they share.

We must help our workplaces heal. Now is not a bad time to remind employees of your EAP

The Orlando massacre was about people whose lives were brutally and mercilessly cut short.

HR now must focus on the people who have been touched by this tragedy….all of us.

This blog is not legal advice, should not be construed as applying to specific factual situations or as establishing an attorney-client relationship.