Lust and Love in the Workplace

I am pleased to post my latest blog from Entrepreneur.

Let’s face it. Almost every businessperson works day and night.

Is your iPhone next to your bed? Do you check your email before your sleep?

So as work cascades into every aspect of life, it is not surprising that personal issues (including matters romantic and sexual) also cascade into the workplace.

When I have talked with managers about the risks of supervisory-subordinate dating, many have said, “If I can’t date people with whom I work, I won’t be able to date at all because I am always working.:

Love happens as a result of proximity, common interests and shared passions.

Around Valentine’s Day, many employees will be sending cards to workplace paramours.

But love and lust are in the workplace air every day. So here are six suggestions to minimize the risk that office relationships will turn into workplace litigation:

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