Holocaust Days of Remembrance

The United States Congress created the Days of  Remembrance as our nation’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust.  This year, the Days of Remembrance begin on Monday April 8, 2013.

During the week, may each of us remember, even if  for only a moment, the millions who were murdered (including, but not limited to, 6 million Jews) by the Nazi Regime and their willing collaborators.  As a result of the Holocaust,  approximately 2 out of 3 European Jews were murdered.

May we also remember the countless “Righteous Gentiles” who risked their own lives to save those who were targeted for genocide simply because of who they were. 

On a personal note, my family tree is overwhelmed with tombstones for Holocaust victims.  At the same time, we have some survivors.  For example, one aunt survived only because she was hidden by the the courageous inhabitants of a Catholic Church in Poland.

Each year, I try to read at the Holocaust Museum in DC a few of the names of the many millions murdered.  I will do so this afternoon as my way to remember and to respect those who were taken from us.  

Never should these people be forgotten. Never again should this happen to any people.